31st International Symposium on Archaeometry

Budapest, 27 April - 1 May 1998



An International Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods and Advanced Technology in the study of Archaeological Finds and other fields of Arts and Antiquities


Program and Abstracts


26th of April, Sunday

Registration in HNM 12:00 - 22:00

Guided tour:

Hungarian Coronation Insignia 18:30 -19.00

Reception in HNM 19:00 - 22:00

Greetings by István Gedai, chief director of the Hungarian National Museum and Csanád Bálint, Director of the Archaeological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

27th of April, Monday

Registration in HAS 8:00 - 18:00

Opening session 9:00 - 10:00

Greetings by the representatives of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Culture and Education,

Opening address by Michael Tite, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Archaeometry Symposia and János Borszéki, Chairman of the Working Group of Archaeometry and Industrial Archaeology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Session 1. Biomaterials 1-3

Moderators: Michael Tite, László Bartosiewicz

10.00-10.20 Dudd, S. N. - Evershed, R.P., The use of stable carbon isotopes in the identification of dairy products in archaeological ceramics (78)

10.20-10.40 Stacey, R.J. - Heron, C.P. - Craig, O. E. et al., Lipids in ancient ceramics: patterns and processes (239)

10.40-11.00 Vargas-Sanders, R. - Salazar, C. Z., A study of migration in Mexican Prehispanic populations by DNA analysis (268)

Coffee break

Session 1. Biomaterials 4-8

Moderators: Günther A. Wagner, János Csapó

11.20-11.40 Evershed, R.P. - Simpson, I.A. - van Bergen, P.F. et al., Multi-molecular biomarker techniques to identify early agricultural practices in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.Evershed-Simpson (88)

11.40-12.00 Child, A.M. - Minnikin, D. E. - Ahmed, Ali M.S., Biomarkers for ancient tubercolosis (42)

12.00-12.20 Burton, J. H. - Price, D. T. - Middleton, W.D., Correlation of barium and strontium during trophic-level biopurification and its osteoarchaeological implications (35)

12.20-12.40 Young, S. M. - Van der Merwe, N. J., Evaluation of ancient diet: Dietary tracing by stable isotpe analysis of consumer tissues (263)

12.40-13.00 Tykot, Robert H.,The Origins and Dispersal of Maize Agriculture: A Review and Critical Assesment of the Isotopic Evidence (260)


Session 1. Biomaterials 9-10

Session 4.a Provenance metals 1-4

Moderators: R. P. Evershed, Zsófia Medzihradszky

14.10-14.30 Burger, J. - Grosskopf, B. - Hummel, S. et al., DNA techniques in archaeometry - News and progresses (34)

14.30-14.50 Price, D. T., Strontium Isotopes and the Bell-Beaker Period: evidences of residential mobility (205)

14.50-15.10 Gegus, E., Archievement in spectroscopic investigation of archaelogical metal objects in Hungary (102)

15.10-15.30 Gondonneau, A. - Roux, C. - Guerra, M.F. et al., The Muslim conquest and the routes of gold. A new approach (108)

15.30-15.50 Dillmann, P. - Fluzin, P. - Chevallier, P., Application of synchrotron microdiffraction coupled with X-ray fluorescence microprobe to the determination of the iron making processes by identification of inclusion in archaeological artefacts (73)

15.50-16.10 Adriaens, A. - Earl, B. - Özbal, H. - Yener, K.A., Tin bronze metallurgy in transformation: analytical investigation of crucible fragments from Tell Judaidah, Amuq /Turkey/, Dating to circa 3000-2900 BC (1)

Coffee break

Session 2. Dating 1-5

Moderators: Ay Melek Özer, Ede Hertelendi

16:30-16.50 Gläser, R., The process of neolithization of SE-Europe according to 14 C-dates (105)

16.50-17.10 Bassiakos, Y. - Doumas, C., ESR spectroscopy of calcitic encrustations on archaeological finds, serving as authenticity test (14)

17.10-17.30 Zhilin, M. G., C-14 dating of the Mesolithic of East European forest zone /A critical review/ (287)

17.30-17.50 Korac, M. - Ognjanovic, Z. - Dugandzic, F. An approach to dating based on the expert system technology (151)

17.50-18.10 Zacharias, N. - Michael, C.T. - Dimotikali, D. et al., A modified TL technique (Foil technique) for dating calcite shells from an Upper Pleistocene Marine (285)

28th of April, Tuesday

8:00 8:40 Installation of posters for PS 1

Sessions Biomaterials, Dating, Provenance

Session 4a. Provenance metals 5-10

Moderators: Ernst Pernicka, Márta Járó

8.40-9.00 Ryndina, Natalia., On casting mould of the Northern-East Balkan Eneolithic (219)

9.00-9.20 Eniosova, N., Casting moulds from the Upper Dnieper Region /10th-11th centuries A.D./ (84)

9.20-9.40 Liversage, D. - Pernicka, E., An industry in crisis? Changes in bronze composition near the end of the Hungarian Bronze Age (163)

9.40-10.00 Özbal, H. - Adriaens, M. A. - Earl, B., Minor metallic components associated with Anatolian copper and bronze artifacts: indications of the utilization of polymetallic ores (187)

10.00-10.20 Gillis, C. - Stos-Gale, Z. - Gale, N.., Metal sources at Asine in the Greek Argolid:a diachronic analysis of metal sources using LIA (103)

10.20-10.40 Prohászka, M., Technical aspects on Greek mirrors from Southern Italy (206)

Coffee break

Session 3 Field archaeology 1-3

Moderators Alain Tabbagh, Péter Márton

11.00-11.20 Garrison, E. - Serman, N. - Schneider, K.) (Archaeological prospection using GPR and Cryogenic Soil Probes (98)

11.20-11.40 Barba, L. - Ortiz, A., Geophysical studies of archaeological structures under the pavement at Mexico city (11)

11.40-12.00 Hesse, A. - Andrieux, P. - Atya, M. et al., Archaeological and geophysical survey for the Heptastadium in Alexandria: a new hypothesis (120)

Posters 1. 12:00 13:00

Sessions Biomaterials, Dating, Provenance


Session 4a. Provenance metals 11-14

Session 4b. Provenance pottery 1-2

Moderators: Suzanne Young, László Költő

14.10-14.30 Klein, S. - Brey, G.- von Kaenel, H-M. et al., Chemical characterization of roman brass and copper coins from Rome /Tiber/, Italy (148)

14.30-14.50 Wang, Q. - Merkel, J., Study of black layer on ancient Chinese bronzes (294)

14.50-15.10 Eremin, K., Non-destructive analysis of copper alloy artefacts from Pagan Norse graves in Scotland (86)

15.10-15.30 Tóth, A. - Járó, M., Alternate methods of EPMA characterisation of gilt silver metal threads (254)

15.30-15.50 Gunneweg, J. - Balla, M., Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis and Eastern Terra Sigillata-II. Pottery Revisited (113)

15.50-16.10 Hayashida, F. - Glascock, M. - Neff, H et al., Technology and organization of Inka pottery production: neutron activation analysis and Mössbauer spectroscopy studies (292)

Coffee break

Session 3. Field archaeology 4-8

Moderators: Ron Farquhar, Miklós Pattantyús

16.30-16.50 Scurtu, F., The geophysical image of a part of the Respublica Municipii Septimi Porolissensium in Dacia (231)

16.50-17.10 Sarris, A. - Maragou, L. - Gkiourou, A. et al., The Island of Amorgos: Micro-scale & Macro-scale Remote Sensing (223)

17.10-17.30 Schiegl, S., Diagenetic processes in fossil wood ash deposits in Kebara and Hayonim Caves (Israel) (226)

17.30-17.50 Kadereit, A. - Lang, A. - Wagner, G.A., Colluvial sediments near archaeological sites as a key to the past landscape evolution under human impact - a geoarchaeological case study from the Kraichgau Hills in Southern Germany (142)

17.50-18.10 Puszta S., Magnetic Prospecting in the Proximity of the Town (Problems of data collection and processing) (208)

Organ Concert

19.30-20:00 In Matthias Church

29th of April, Wednesday

Theme Session: Experimental archaeology and its impact on scientific archaeology

Moderators: Peter Reynolds, Elisabeth Jerem

9.00-9.20 Beck, C.W. - Stout, E.C. - Lee, K., Ancient pine tar technology: correlations between manufacturing methods and composition (18)

9.20-9.40 Eccleston, M. - Ottaway, B.S. - Scordara, M. et al.) (Metallographic examination of Sand Cast Copper and Bronze (80)

9.40-10.00 Poroszlai, I. - Jerem, E., Experimental results from the Százhalombatta Archaeological Park (204)

10.00-10.20 Iovino, M. R., Processing fishes with obsidian tools: a description of the experimental microwear (132)

10.20-10.40 Wolf, S., Technical investigation of bricks from St. Urban (13th century Cistercian monastery, Lucerne, Switzerland): first results of a firing experiment (283)

Coffee break

Poster Discussion 1.

12:00 13:00 Sessions Biomaterials, Dating, Provenance

Discussion moderators: M. Tite, G. Wagner, P. Meyers, E. Gegus


Conference excursion

14:30 19:00 Excursion to Aquincum, the Roman capital

Guided tour

Posters related to Pannonia

Choyke, Alice, Archaeometry at the Aquincum Museum (43)

Gladiators combat

30th of April, Thursday

8:00 8:40 Installation of posters for PS 2

Sessions Field Archaeology,Experimental Archaeology, Provenance

Session 1. Biomaterials 11

Session 4a. Provenance metals 15-17

Session 4b. Provenance pottery 3-4

Moderators: Mark Pollard, Márta Balla

8.40-9.00 Weser, Ulrich, Antique Metalloenzymes (277)

9.00-9.20 Clayton, R. - Gale, N. H. - Stos-Gale, Z. A., Isotope fingerprinting of ancient tin (47)

9.20-9.40 Rehren, Th. - Bartelheim, N. - Niederschlag, E., Prehistoric tin metallurgy in the Bohemian/Saxon Erzgebirge (213)

9.40-10.00 Stos-Gale, Z. A. - Gale, N. H. The characterization, by lead isotopes and trace elements, of the ore deposits of Cyprus & Sardinia and its bearing of the possibility of the lead isotope provenancing of copper alloys (66)

10.00-10.20 Faber, E. W. - Kilikoglou, V. - Kiriatzi, E. et al., Pottery production and exchange in Eleusis, Greece, during the Middle Helladic Period (91)

10.20-10.40 Quinn, P. S. - Day, P. M. - Hine, N. M.., Ceramic micropalaeontology: Potentials and limitations of Micro- and Nanno-fossil Analysis in Archaeological Ceramics (210)

Coffee break

Session 4b. Provenance pottery 5-7

Moderators: Hans Mommsen, Andrea Vaday

11.00-11.20 Sauer, R. - Gassner, V. - Haiden, H., Identification and characterisation of local pottery production sites in Southern Italy by a combination of thin-section and heavy mineral analysis (225)

11.20-11.40 Uzgil, E. - Saglamer, G. - Tekin, A. et al., A multidisciplinary study on ancient Iznik ceramics (261)

11.40-12.00 Wang, Ch. - Chen, X. - Liang, Zh., The Earliest Carbon Fibre was discovered in Chinese Black pottery (273)

Posters 2. 12:00 13:00

Sessions Field Archaeology,Experimental Archaeology, Provenance


Session 4c Provenance stones 1-5

Moderators: Yannis Maniatis, Viola Dobosi

14.00-14.20 D'Amico, C. - Bernabo B. M. - Felice, G. et al., Polished stone between Neolithic and Bronze Age in Northern Italy (61)

14.20-14.40 Malyk-Selivanova, N. - Ashley, G. M. - Gal, R. et al., Geological - geochemical sourcing of prehistoric chert artifacts, northwestern Alaska (167)

14.40-15.00 Wisseman, S. - Sarin, P. - Ousterhout, R. et al., Fresco pigments from Byzantine Cappadocia, part II. (281)

15.00-15.20 Bellot-Gurlet, L. - Dorighel, O. - Poupeau, G. et al.,Characterization of Colombian and Ecuadorian obsidian sources and Prehispanic obsidian trading (19)

15.20-15.40 Shackley, S., Precision versus accuracy in the XRF analysis of archeological obsidian: some lessons in archeometry and archeology (235)

Coffee break

Session 4b Provenance pottery 8-10

Moderators: Sarah Wisseman, György Szakmány

16.00-16.20 Palaguta, I., Some results of study of Cucuteni-Tripolye decoration technics (189)

16.20-16.40 Mao, Y. - Mellon Fellow, A.,Technical investigation of Ptolemaic Period Faience in the Walters Art Gallery (170)

16.40-17.00 Tite, M.S. - Mason, R.B., The technology and development of 12th century AD Islamic polychrome ceramics (252)

1st of May, Friday

Session 4b Provenance pottery 11-16

Moderators: Gar Harbottle, Paula Zsidi

8.40-9.00 Appoloni, C.R. - Espinoza-Quinones, F.R. - Aragao, P. H. et al. EDXRF study of Tupiguarani archaeological ceramics from the north of Paraná state in Brasil (6)

9.00-9.20 Garcia-Heras, M. - Fernandez-Ruiz, R., New developments in the analysis of archaelogical ceramics by total reflection X-ray fluorescence /TXRF/ (97)

9.20-9.40 Mirti, P. - Sagui, L., Scientific examination of 7th century glass fragments from Rome (177)

9.40-10.00 Gratuze, B. - Uzonyi, I. - Elekes, Z. et al. A study of Hungarian medieval glass composition (110)

10.00-10.20 Eggert, G. - Hillebrecht, H., The enigma of the emerald green - Medieval Lead Glass Vessels a la Heraclius (81)

10.20-10.40 McCray, W. P., Strangers in a strange land? - Renaissance Glassmaking in Amsterdam (173)

Coffee break

Session 4c. Provenance stones 6-10

Moderators: Ivelin Kuleff, Tamás Weiszburg

11.00-11.20 Maniatis, Y. - Polykreti, K., Provenance of white marble with EPR spectroscopy: further developments (168)

11.20-11.40 Hovorka, D. - Illásová, L., Peculiar rock-types used by the Neolithic man of southern foothills of the Western Carpathians (127)

11.40-12.00 Wehling, B., The identification of pigments in medieval manuscripts by Raman-microscopy (276)

12.00-12.20 Ciliberto, E. - Spoto, G., X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of the X-ray induced degradation of ancient pigments (45)

12.20-12.40 Golikov, V. - Nastichenko, O. - Pshenichnova, Y., The analysis of dyening technology of the 4th-8th cc. polychrome coptic textiles from the Louvre Collection (107)

Poster Discussion 2.

12.00-13.00 Sessions Field Archaeology, Experimental Archaeology, Provenance

Discussion moderators: A. Hesse, P. Reynolds, Y. Maniatis, M. Bakos

General Discussion / Closing Address

13.40-14.30 Miklós Bakos, Ferenc Szikossy, Michael Tite

Poster session 1.

1 biomaterials

291 Aveling, E.M. - Heron, C. - Larsson, L. Mesolithic gums and glues: analytical investigations and archaelogical implications

16 Baumer, U. - Koller, J. Characterisation of ancient pitches derived from pine wood by GC and GC/MS

23 Berdnikov, S. An osteological analysis of elk /Alces alces L./ bones from excavations in the Lubana Lake Basin, Eastern Latvia

24 Berzsenyi B. - Gyulai F. The archaeobotanical analysis of the Middle Bronze Age settlement at Bölcske - Vörösgyír

25 Beuls, I. - De Cupere, B. - Van Mele, P. et al. Present-day ovicaprine herding: relevance in the reconstruction of ancient herding at Roman Sagalassos

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40 Chaya, H., J. Exploratory testing of archaeological soils

48 Collins, M.J. - Child, A.M. - Waite, E. R. et al. Bone biopolymers, plugging the credibility gaps

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72 De Reyer, D. - Pilbout, S. - Dennebouy, N. et al. Medieval textiles: Ancient DNA and analyses of metal threads made of animal substrate

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115 Gyulai F. Chemical and Nutritional Analysis of Food Remains from Hungary / Central Europe

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216 Robles, P. Q. - Quevedo, T. - Coronado, G. O. A preliminary Determination of heavy metals in human and animal bones from the Pleistocene Holocene period in two regions of Mexico

217 Rovner, I. Large scale paleoecology using opal phytolith analysis in small scale sites

218 Ruthenberg, K. - Egenberg, I.M. - Heron, C. Viking- and Middle Age Tars from Norwegian Ships

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267 Vargas-Sanders, R. - Ortiz, E. - Martínez, R. D. Identification of ancient proteins on a ceramic sculpture of Mictlantecutli at the Templo Mayor, Mexico

2 dating

28 Blackwell, B. ESR Dating the Archaeological site at Tsagaan Agui, Mongolia

59 Csapó, J. - Nyberg, J. - Malmgren, B. et al. In what way, for what and with what limits can amino acids and amino acid racemisation be used in archaeometry?

67 Dayton, J. E. Carbon 14, Tree rings, Ice cores and chronology

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4a tech/prov metals

10 Balassone, G. - Di Maio, G. - Boni, M. Analysis of some metallic objects from the necropolis of Saticula (Sant'Agata dei Goti, Benevento, Italy)

15 Bassiakos, Y. - Michailidou, A. Metallurgical evidence for local copper exploitation at Akrotiri, Thera: First results

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4b tech/prov ceramics/glass

29 Bland, H. A. - Regert, M. - Evershed, R. P. Evidence for oxidised lipids in archaeological ceramic vessels

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Poster session 2.

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general archaeometry

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